Daisy Dowleh

Real Estate Salesperson

A native and lifetime resident of Greenwich Village, Daisy Dowleh has been a part of the Bank Neary team since its inception. Strength, tenacity, and timely communication best describe Daisy’s method of operation. Residing in The Village her entire life has not only provided Daisy with an expertise but a sense of ownership behind the neighborhood. She has seen it change throughout the years and is very knowledgeable about how it interacts with all the other neighborhoods of New York.


Daisy’s first began her career as a booking agent for high end fashion models in New York which provides her the skill of being a tenacious hunter when finding the perfect home for her clientele. She works closely with Gil Neary in making sure that all the needs of Bank Neary clients are met at every stage of the process of buying or selling a home.